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Photo shoot: Done

Hi guys, As I posted on my Facebook group yesterday, I had my latest “photoshoot” (aka colonoscopy) this morning; I swear these things are getting easier to cope with! Now the hardest part really is not eating; last time I wrote … Continue reading

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How does alcohol effect your Crohn’s?

I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy a beer or two, and I love going out with friends. I have spoken to other people who have Crohn’s, and a fair few people have told me that if they touch … Continue reading

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How does caffeine effect your Crohn’s?

I admit to drinking a lot of tea and coffee, and I’m fortunate to not have any bad effects as a result of drinks containing caffeine. I do however know that other people don’t touch the stuff as it can give … Continue reading

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“So, are you scared about your condition?”

This is another question that often arises: “Are you scared?” I normally get asked this when I explain the disease to someone, and that it can flare up with absolutely no warning, and that the potential results of it flaring … Continue reading

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