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Inspiration at the Olympics

Hello dear readers! Well things have gone quiet in the world of Tom – owing to an as yet unexplained and rather substantial pain in the ribs and back, I’m being forced to sit my butt down and not do … Continue reading

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Whats your story? Meet Julie!

Hi all! Another offering to the “What’s your story?” section from Julie, who has developed a lot over the last couple of years, who has taken heed of the lessons she has learnt and focussed on improving her health and … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

Hi all! Don’t you love how some songs take you back? I’m going through a stage of listening to CDs in my van that I haven’t heard in ages; one that I’ve put in there recently is the American Idiot … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me!

Hi all! How are we all today? Not much to do with the Crohn’s here but wanted to share: on Saturday the 23rd I celebrated my 30th birthday, and was invited by my sister’s other half, Mark, to Berlin for … Continue reading

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New year, new me. 

I know that in the past I’ve made countless claims that I’m going to turn things around, turn over a new leaf and make big changes to my lifestyle. Everyone does, right? In my case it would have made sense … Continue reading

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