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Happy birthday to me!

Hi all! How are we all today? Not much to do with the Crohn’s here but wanted to share: on Saturday the 23rd I celebrated my 30th birthday, and was invited by my sister’s other half, Mark, to Berlin for … Continue reading

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Introduction to Crohn’s

I’ve looked back on my page and although I’ve spoken a lot about Crohn’s, and posted links to leaflets and so on I’ve not actually written much explaining what it is. So time to put that right! Here’s my understanding of … Continue reading

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The importance of “me time”

At last feeling myself again! Last Monday saw the results me of pushing myself too far. What with a part time shop job and trying to run a gardening business plus all of the other stuff that goes on in life, … Continue reading

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5 months on…

Time goes so fast! 5 months to the day since my operation. Things have gone great! I am now recovered, and trying to pack as much as I can into life to get the most out of it. My gardening … Continue reading

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How does alcohol effect your Crohn’s?

I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy a beer or two, and I love going out with friends. I have spoken to other people who have Crohn’s, and a fair few people have told me that if they touch … Continue reading

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