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Photo shoot: Done

Hi guys, As I posted on my Facebook group yesterday, I had my latest “photoshoot” (aka colonoscopy) this morning; I swear these things are getting easier to cope with! Now the hardest part really is not eating; last time I wrote … Continue reading

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Tuna pasta bake

This really is one of my favourites, such a quick and easy recipe as well as being a real comfort food. If I’m cooking this for just myself I use: 100g plain pasta (I normally have fusilli but I guess … Continue reading

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If you have Crohn’s, do you also have a food intolerance?

Just an idea I wanted to follow up: I know a few people with Crohn’s who are also intolerant to certain food types. What I want to try to get an idea of is: how many people have food intolerances … Continue reading

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Has your diet changed since your op?

I can understand the thinking that I need to be far more careful with what I eat after my op. However my diet has been back to normal for some weeks now. Soon after my op I was on a … Continue reading

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Finally allowed to drive again

Yesterday I had a check up at the hospital, just a regular routine meeting with my consultant. The talk was fairly brief, discussing my condition as opposed to the operation itself. I will be meeting with the surgeon who carried … Continue reading

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