Some background basics

When I tell people that I have Crohn’s, quite a few people have never heard of Crohn’s, or have heard of the condition but are not sure what exactly it is. That being the case I get a lot of people asking about it – which of course I don’t mind – and there are a few questions that pop up quite frequently. On this page I’m going to put together some posts telling you about Crohn’s, using the questions people generally ask. Something to mention here is that people’s experiences with the condition do vary; but for the most part what I am able to write about using my own experiences will give you a pretty good idea. If you’re reading this, and have a question then feel free to post a comment with your question. Similarly if you have Crohn’s yourself and have something to add to my answers then feel free!

“Do you think you’ve benefitted from your operation?” – I have indeed noticed some changes, here’s some of them.

“So, are you scared about your condition?” – It doesn’t scare me, and here’s why.

“Can I share your posts?” – A few people have asked if it is OK to share links to my posts – of course it is! Here’s why.

“Has your diet changed since your op?” – A few less restrictions on my diet than before.

“Do you need to watch what you eat with Crohn’s?” – There are a few things that I have to be careful of, but its not always that clear cut. Here’s what I watch out for.

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