Third anniversary

Why hello dear readers!

Another lovely day out, I hope all is well with you. Logging into my blog account today, I saw a little notification in the corner of the screen. Not recalling what it meant I clicked and discovered that today is the third anniversary of starting my blog! Looking back both me and my blog has changed a lot over the last three years. I feel I’ve developed as a writer and a blogger (even though my writings to you all has been sporadic!). I have been through a lot of stuff as a Crohn’s patient, i.e. the operation that triggered my whole inspiration for this little spot on the internet. More recently I’ve moved house, which is part of a huge change in lifestyle. With a new girlfriend – Sarah – by my side I’m enjoying another chapter in the life of Tom Coppin. I’ve met people through raising awareness for the disease, and hopefully along the way I’ve helped people out in one way or another whether through helping people to understand what Crohn’s is, giving someone something to relate to in rough times, or just providing an amusing read. What ever good this page has done, I’m pleased to have been part of it.

I’ll keep this post a bit like me: short and sweet, wish you all a lovely weekend, and hope to write again soon!


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Inspiration at the Olympics

Hello dear readers!

Well things have gone quiet in the world of Tom – owing to an as yet unexplained and rather substantial pain in the ribs and back, I’m being forced to sit my butt down and not do much. That being the case I have had more time to read and write on here.  Continue reading

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Oh! Farts are the ones without lumps, right?

Hello dear readers!

Do excuse the grim humour in the title but you can guess what this piece is about. Poop! I haven’t mentioned too much about this symptom of Crohn’s before but it is a significant factor and interestingly: one that a lot of people seem to be aware of. Continue reading

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What a busy couple of months!

Hello dear readers,

Another busy time over in the world of Tom. Lots of things non-Crohn’s related have been going on over here hence the radio silence online lately! Continue reading

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The opera of life

Hello dear readers,

I have something completely different for you here, totally unrelated to health, fitness, Crohn’s, positive outlook, food and the other usual topics shared on this blog. What I am about to share is something I have had rolling around in my little mind whenever it gets to this certain place and time in the week. Continue reading

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