I have always been a very active person; I enjoy going to the gym, jujitsu, and have recently picked up cycling again. In previous years this exercise has taken place between flair-ups, and has sometimes been put on hold for a period of time, to be re-started at a later date. I have always had plans with weight training, more in terms of building strength to help with my landscaping work. I now have bigger plans with the cycling; something that I have done a small amounts of but never focussed on. 

Now that I have had the operation I should be able to enjoy a decent spell of remission. I am going to make the most of this period, and really work on the sports that I enjoy doing. This page is to share the posts on my progress with the exercise, and how I manage to fit this around any future flare-ups. And of course, maybe writing this will help to motivate me to keep up with the fitness!

“Smashed the mud run!” – Me reporting back having completed the mud run.

“Signed up for a 10k mud run / obstacle course” – yes thats right, signed up for my first ever one of these, which will be a challenge in its own right, let alone when you consider I’m doing it within 10 months of my operation.

“Back in the saddle” – Getting back on track with bike riding

“Bring Sally up press up challenge” – What I have settled on for my Crohn’s awareness month.

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