About me

In 2000, 14 year old Tom Coppin was told that he had Crohn’s Disease. At first he didn’t realise the impact that this news would have in the coming years, or how it would influence the person he would become. At the time he just carried on, did as the doctors suggested, and took things as they came. He was on medication to manage the Crohn’s, and got used to the tablets. The following years provided a real mixture, with times being healthy and problem free, other times being harder. Each difficult spell was tackled, and contributed to a changing attitude to life which saw Tom take on a more balanced outlook on things. 

Having been informed at the age of 28 that surgery was required, he decided to put this blog together, sharing his experience to help people who found themselves in the same situation and to raise awareness of what Crohn’s is and how it can affect people in their day to day lives. 

I now update my blog regularly, sharing experiences as I go. I am getting more involved with doing my bit to raise the  awareness and support for people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD’s) such as Crohn’s. I also support a brilliant charity called Crohn’s and Colitis UK. 

So thanks for stopping by, I hope that my blog is of use and interest to you. 

Tom Coppin


2 Responses to About me

  1. Eddie France says:

    Hey Tom, just seen your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your trademark scar! I am the proud owner of Crohn’s and had a resection 3 years ago. I’m 62 and probably had Crohn’s since childhood. I say probably because, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my late 40’s. My first recollection of bowel problems was when I was at school and had to be taken home because of the pain I was, experiencing. I often was laid on the settee with a hot water bottle on my belly. The doctors back in the mid 60’s weren’t very experienced in diagnosing IBD so I was sent home with fibergel which was to treat constipation. For a long time I got over the pain buy sucking it up however, in my late 40’s I couldn’t stand any more pain and had to get something, anything done. I was then referred to a GE who confirmed, after many tests, that I had Crohn’s. Subsequently I was given Steroids ( 4 courses after flare ups, and long term Mesalazine and Azathioprine.
    I have twice been taken to hospital by paramedics and ambulance and been in A&E and admitted 3 times, morphine, drips and all the rest. Each time the blockage cleared by its self though I was sure I heard the sound of knives being sharpened. The pain while my bowel was blocked was outrageous.
    My resection was due to my bowel perforating and resulted in an emergency operation. Where 2 feet of small and 1 foot of large intestine was removed and leaving me with the trade mark scar. I looked like I had just finished a stint in Belson! After the operation. I was very lucky because I tried to hold on before calling for a doctor thinking the pain would simply settle down. It didn’t!
    I now try to carry on, regardless of urgent and frequent toilet visits and occasional pain. Oh, and the constant fear of a blockage.
    I definitely find exercise and movement helps, I juice, using anti inflammatory roots, fruits and vegetables and drinking aired water helps I sometimes infuse ginger in boiling water and drink that. This is a brief outline of my adventure with Crohn’s
    Regards Eddie


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