Combating snoring

Hi all,

How are we doing? When I wrote before I was having difficulties in sleeping with the mellay of stresses and uncertainties going on at the moment. This was getting worse, until things reached a peak a few nights ago. I have always been a snorer. Not every night; but when I snore I really snore. Monday night Sarah and I had a terrible night thanks to my snoring. Of course I want Sarah to have as much rest as possible while she’s cooking our tiny human, so I hated that she had so little sleep. After a fair bit of reading and figuring out I seem to have put my finger on the cause of this disruptive nocternal habit.

My key to a peaceful nights sleep…

Tuesday, while we both felt tired as hell, I read a few articles on snoring, its causes and more usefully its remedies. From what I can understand: snoring is caused when you have some form of obstruction in the airways, usually tissue that vibrates making that distasteful sound. Causes can be anatomical ie the shape of your mouth. There are however a fair few other causes that are more lifestyle related, including being overweight, drinking alcohol before bed, and lying on your back in bed. Process of elimination here: although my waistline is testiment to Sarah being a bloody good cook, I wouldnt exactly say I am fat. I hadn’t had any alcohol in a few days; alcohol makes the tongue relax a little more, hence slightly obstructing the airway. I pretty much sleep in the recovery position, which any first aider will know is the best position for keeping the airway open.

Thinking out of the box here: I realised that behind my nose felt a little congested. Having a rummage through the bathroom counter I found an ancient bottle of menthol and eucalyptus inhalation liquid, the sort you mix with hot water in a bowl then shove your head over with a towel over you. Good grief it made a difference! I could breathe so much clearer. Since then I’ve done this before bed each night, and with the exception of this morning just as I was having a snooze I have not been snoring and I have actually felt like I have had a really decent night sleep.

In other news: lock down is going ok. As I’m sure is the case with a lot of people right now the days are blurring into one. Its strange getting food shopping in with gloves and wiping down everything with spray capable of killing Covid-19. Any post we get is being wiped down with anti-bac or put in our self made “decontamination unit” ie the gazebo in the garden for a few days until any potential virus had died off. The government guidelines for shiny surfaces is to leave them for 3 days. Anything on a porus surface is around 24 hours.

Mini Coppin is growing nicely and kicking away. Sarah is now 29 weeks, so we are just hoping our little one stays put until her due date and that there is some form of control over the virus by the time she puts in an appearance. As things stand: when our baby arrives, I will be allowed into the hospital when Sarah goes into labour. However I will not be allowed in the hospital for long after baby is born, which makes sense to minimise infection risk all around. By a similar token I suspect they will be keen for Sarah and the baby to not hang around too long in hospital. Cue taking my little unit home to figure out our new life that will be totally different.

So there’s my bit of research on snoring as well as an update on life. Hope its been useful!

Stay safe


About tomcoppin

Hello! I'm Tom, and I write on two pages here on wordpress. My first is TomsCrohnsDiary where I share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I started this page to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. My more recent page is all about self sufficiency, sharing ideas that I pick up with my fiancee Sarah. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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