Settling in, weight lifting, stomach pains.

Hello dear readers,

Hope you are all doing well. Excuse the title; I was fishing around for something creative and thats the best I could get this morning. Things have finally been calming down since Sarah and I moved house, and life has been returning to a normal state. Previously I mentioned about getting back into weight lifting and as planned my first week was very light. Last week I stepped things up and this week I’ve been upping my game further. It feels amazing! However for the first time in a long while I had a bit of a flare up at work yesterday.

Living room set up for my “Push” workout

Weightlifting is turning into a real passion. I love lifting heavy lumps of metal and putting them back in the same place. I enjoy the satisfaction of recording how much I’m lifting and beating it. As it had been several weeks since I was doing it I started back easy, and in my first week did very little beyond some bodyweight exercises and some light dumb bell work. I didn’t want to rudely awaken my muscles from their snooze while other stuff had been going on. The following week I started to step things up, doing fuller routines and edging my way back to the weights I was previously working on. A few nights ago I set my gear up and pushed myself further. I matched my previous personal best with bench press (70kg) and managed to beat it by 1kg. Its all about the little steps to build up to big goals.

Yesterday however I had a bit of a turn at work. I felt fine when I got to work, then my stomach played up big time. I kept going to the toilet, I felt light headed, dizzy, absolutely drained. I was even kneeling down weeding at one point and fell sideways. This was way over the line. I sat up, rested, had a small bite to eat then got myself home. Its been a long long time since I’d been in that state. All of the different things I’ve tried over the years to help this sort of situation and the best thing is what I did yesterday. That is to get home, crap it all out (sorry for too much information but it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about poo), then to crawl under my duvet and sleep it off. After a good sleep, a shower and a cuppa, I felt human again. I felt normal and normal felt bloody amazing.

Thanks for reading people


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Hello! I'm Tom, and I write on two pages here on wordpress. My first is TomsCrohnsDiary where I share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I started this page to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. My more recent page is all about self sufficiency, sharing ideas that I pick up with my fiancee Sarah. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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