February update

Hey all!

I think its time to get a little more regular with the diary side of this little blog. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so plenty to tell you all about! From the stomach to exercise, a lot has gone on. 

In terms of the belly – on the outside things still seem to be in remission. My weight is still good (currently around 12 stone), and I’m still absent of pains and fatigue. I’m still able to get out and live a busy and enjoy an active life style. Recently I posted about a “photoshoot” (colonoscopy) I had to have, where it was discovered that I had another ulcer appear, and the one from the previous test disappear. Now that I have had this test I  am waiting to hear from Dr. Saverymuttu, my consultant to see what the next course of action is. I suspect from previous conversations I am looking at my medication being changed to either Azathioprine or a newer drug called Humira which I need to research.

Doing a lot of stuff with this bad boy lately

Doing a lot of stuff with this bad boy lately

The exercise is picking up well too. I’ve been making the most of a more structured life style and this apparent period of remission to really get into a lot of kettle bell workouts. My housemate got hold of one a while ago, and since then I’ve been working on developing a full body work out that I’ve been trying to do three times a week. This is of course on top of my other exercises: the press ups, variations on crunches, pull-ups etc. I’m also trying to get in a routine of going cycling once a week with my best mate Sara as well as heading out jogging once or twice a week. All of this is on top of an active job as a horticulturalist, meaning my daily activity levels are pretty high. Aside from improving my general fitness and strength, I have finally got my head around a “look” that I have researched and want to start working towards.

People have asked me what sort of physique I have been aiming for, which is something that I haven’t really worked out until recently. I knew I wanted to work on my legs as well as the upper body, in order to avoid the “lollipop look”, i.e. a massive upper body balancing on little stick legs. Picking Google’s brain on the matter I set out to find an “ideal ratio” of how big your legs should be in proportion to the rest of you to look right. Something I have found a lot of references to and articles on is the “Grecian Ideal”. I’ve discovered that ancient Greeks were quite keen on physical and natural beauty, which of course includes the male physique.

In the process of understanding this better, the mathematics behind describing this “ideal physique” were heavily studied, and a ratio was developed to describe how big each part of the anatomy should be in relation to the rest. Usefully there are a number of calculators online where you can enter the diameter of your wrist, and using this measurement the calculator gives you a list of measurements for your chest, waist, hips, bicep, forearm, thigh, calve and neck – which in theory will give you this ancient Greek “ideal” physique. Having found out my “ideal” measurements, I now know what areas I want to focus on. I’ve entered these onto a spread sheet and have picked Sunday as my day to weight and measure myself to track my progress with this.

As a part of this health push, I have been continuing to work on my diet. Just to note here: when I say “diet” I am referring to what I habitually eat and drink, as opposed to being on a diet in order to restrict my food to loose weight. Although my diet has not really been too bad, I’m still working to improve it and give my body more of the nutrients it needs. I have been researching a lot and looking up new recipes, which of course I will add on here as I go!

At the beginning of January I started working for a new gardening company, which has simplified my life a lot giving me that Monday to Friday job, which means I get more time to myself, hence being able to work so much on the exercise and spending more time with friends and family. As well as giving me this structure and regularity to my life its given me so much inspiration for my profession. I have lots of new ideas rattling around in my little head which will really help me to improve the gardens that I am working on, all of which is so refreshing and satisfying.

Well, that’s a few things that have gone on lately; like I said I am going to aim to write more regularly on my lifestyle. As always: thanks for reading people.


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Hello! I'm Tom, and I write on two pages here on wordpress. My first is TomsCrohnsDiary where I share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I started this page to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. My more recent page is all about self sufficiency, sharing ideas that I pick up with my fiancee Sarah. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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