Scar tissue

I do hope the Red Hot Chilli Peppers don’t mind my title for this post! I was aware right from my meeting with the surgeon last year that there would be an incision, and therefore a scar that would be left. However, what has actually been left is a little more substantial than I was expecting! I’m going to upload a picture of the incision as it is now – I have plenty taken of earlier stages with staples and all sorts in. If people are interested sometime I might put a few more on here, but for now I’m sticking with showing you a relatively healed up version. There is a little patch you can see towards the top that hasn’t fully healed yet, but its certainly not far off.

As always the information in this article is from talking to various people with medical training and experience, supplemented with looking around at articles online. And of course my own experience!

You can see in the picture that the bottom section, from just above the remains of my belly button downwards is pretty neat. Its one pretty thin line, which although fairly obvious and rather purple at the moment I gather will fade and blend in a lot more. The top part you can see is a lot wider, and is where the wound opened up after the staples came out.

The reason the wound opened up at the top is due to the infection mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The wound had started to heal and form scar tissue in the first ten days after the operation, then when the wound opened up and started repairing a second time a second lot of scar tissue started to form on top of the first, so I’ve in effect got twice the amount of scar tissue going on. The antibiotics that I am on were the reason for the delayed reaction of the infection, and possibly the reason that the infection remained in the top section.

The incisions from both operations would have been created and joined in a controlled and careful manner. So even though the top part was only created in the second operation, which was an emergency operation as opposed to a planned one, the level of care in creating and mending the wound is likely to have been the same.

One thing I have noticed since I’ve been able to move a lot easier and actually touch the scar is that it feels a lot tougher and less supple than normal skin. I know that the type of tissue laid down in scar tissue is a lot firmer than normal skin tissue which accounts for this. Given time, movement, and maybe the addition of some kind of product I am sure that this will loosen up to some extent. I know that it will probably always be like that, but if it loosens up even just a little then that will be a relief.

People have different views on scars, both from looking at them on other people, and more so about them on themselves. You can understand mixed feelings on them. After all its a physical change to the appearance of your body! My own opinion about this one thats formed is that its something that I’m not worried or ashamed of. For me its a sign and a reminder that I’ve had a lot of stuff thrown at me and I’ve been able to take it in my stride and carry on.

And now the bit you’ve been waiting for: a pretty picture! I’m putting this a little way down, so if you are a little squeemish and would rather not see said picture, stop reading now! If you’re curious scroll on down…


PS – As a warning having uploaded and checked the article out, when I clicked the thumb-nail, I found the image zooms in far more than I realised!! Just as a warning if you follow the link and click to zoom…







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