Finally allowed to drive again

Yesterday I had a check up at the hospital, just a regular routine meeting with my consultant. The talk was fairly brief, discussing my condition as opposed to the operation itself. I will be meeting with the surgeon who carried out the operation in a week or two, so he’s really the person that can go into more detail about the surgery. Yesterday was just the consultant finding out about how I’m feeling, how the bowels are working these days, that sort of thing. I did find out from him that there is a lot of research being done at the moment into Crohn’s and possible treatments for it. So thats really encouraging! I did ask him about the nutrition side of things, a question I had asked before and had knew the answer already. As suspected there’s virtually nothing that I can do with my diet to influence my condition.

With regards to where I go from here: he confirmed that I don’t have any active Crohn’s in my gut. He also reminded me that I still have Crohn’s; sadly the removal of infected parts of the gut hasn’t cured me from it. There is every chance that it will re-appear elsewhere in the gut later on in life. Hopefully though I have a few years left before that becomes an issue. By the time I need to take any action I’m hoping that a lot more research has been done into the understanding of it and more importantly: management of it. Oh! And I found out: I don’t have an appendix any more! That just happened to be connected to the part of the gut they removed.

The other massive piece of news from yesterday that I have been waiting for for a while now is that I can finally drive again. I’ve not driven for nearly 5 weeks, which I think is the longest spell I’ve not driven for in the nearly 10 years that I’ve had my license. And finding out that I can drive wasn’t exactly easy! To explain: in hospital before I left I asked the nursing team and the surgical team when I would be able to drive again. I was told that it was down to the insurance company I was with, but generally it was 4 to 6 weeks, and depending on my ability to do an emergency stop and pull the wheel to one side sharply.

When I properly got home, and I had gone past 4 weeks, I started my van to make sure the battery hadn’t gone flat on me, and while stationary I tried pressing the brake pedal and moving my arms as if turning the wheel; all fine. Being happy with that I called the insurance company and explained it all to them. They then told me that it was down to the GP, and if the GP was happy they were happy. Having explained this to the GP, I was told that it was a decision for the surgical team, turning my little enquiry full circle. Yesterday however, while at the hospital I managed to talk to one of the surgical team. Having heard the full story they said that I was in the right time frame and if I was sure that I was physically OK and I had the concentration to do the emergency stop etc then I was OK to drive. Another milestone checked off!


About tomcoppin

Hello! I'm Tom, and I write on two pages here on wordpress. My first is TomsCrohnsDiary where I share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I started this page to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. My more recent page is all about self sufficiency, sharing ideas that I pick up with my fiancee Sarah. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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