Staples out and a trip to A&E

Well Friday was an eventful day! I’m writing this a couple of days after the event, as on the Saturday I was completely knackered and managed to sleep most of the day. It’s typical that all of this happened on Friday which was also my birthday. I know its not unheard of to end up in hospital on your birthday, but in this case the reasoning was quite different.

Friday afternoon I was due to get my staples taken out. I was pretty excited; as well as being another step on the road to recovery I figured that I would be able to move a little more comfortably. I kept the appointment with the nurse, went in and had them removed. The hospital had given me a tool for the nurses to use which I found out bends the staples in the middle and allows them to slide out of the skin. I did ask the nurse if I could keep them as a kind of strange desk ornament; however due to health and safety she declined, saying that they had to go into a sharps bin.

Most of the staples came out without any bother; a couple I felt a slight pinch, but most of them just came straight out. The nurse took every other staple out, then went back along taking the remaining ones out. So far so good. I then went back to my grandparents and relaxed for a while. Things went downhill that evening when talking to my dad on the phone. I guess I was being a bit cocky by telling him that I was feeling much better; after saying this I became aware that my stomach was feeling a little weird. I put my hand under my shirt and touched said weird spot to find it felt a little more “squishy” than normal. I looked and saw that the top section of incision had popped open.

Thankfully not the whole thing, just the top inch or two (will measure at a later point for anyone who’s interested!) I did my best not to panic. My grandparents were amazing and gave me a lift to A&E, where we spent the usual period of time waiting to be seen. After being wished a happy birthday by a couple of surgeons I met while I was staying in after my op, they managed to stitch said opening back together. After a bit of local anesthetic, they got to work. Without a doubt watching that was one of the weirdest things I’ve watched in my life!

So now I wait another 2 weeks for that to heal. The surgeon said that I would be fine after 7 to 10 days; I said to her that I would prefer – if possible – to go longer in order to prevent this from happening again. She said that was fine, and that 14 days is a good time length.

Since then the rest of the incision is behaving itself; and having looked under the dressing the newly opened section seems to be scabbing up nicely.

Not the way I had intended to spend my birthday evening, but I got there in the end!



About tomcoppin

Hello! I'm Tom, and have started this blog to share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I've had the condition for a long time and have recently undergone surgery, hence the scar in the picture. I want to share my experiences to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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