Finally – a date for the op!

Hi all, I was planning on writing and posting this article before now, but its been such a mad week. On Tuesday I had a meeting with the surgeon who is going to carry out my op; a meeting that I had been waiting for for some time. As I’ve mentioned so much of my planning and activity for the next half a year has been hinged on the meeting I had last Tuesday.

I now have a date! In the middle of January I will head into hospital for said operation, after which I will stay in for the best part of a week at the very least. After this, my recovery time will depend on a number of factors: the exact extent of surgery they have to do, my body’s ability to recover from it, my mental attitude, and my ability to avoid infections. I intend to take things very easy until I have fully recovered, and to not push my luck with it. As my friends will tell you I am the sort to jump up and get going sooner than I probably should. Whether this is boredom or stubbornness I will leave that for you to decide! As this is something far beyond anything I’ve come across before I will behave and take plenty of time off.

The surgeon ran through some reasons for going for this surgery; most of which I knew. The reason to improve quality of life isn’t as relevant for me at the moment, as the condition isn’t interrupting me as much as it has done or is capable of doing. However, currently the consultants are unable to check for early signs of bowel cancer due to the strictures in my gut. The operation will allow them to do the necessary checks in order to spot anything developing and do something about it in early stages. Because I have been effected with inflammation for so long, I am at a higher risk of developing bowel cancer, and so spotting early signs is very important.

This level of surgery, needless to say, is not without risks. He ran me through a list of things that could possibly go wrong. Hearing that list adds a slight level of concern to the mix; however I know that they need to let you know of these possibilities. I need to be aware of these but not worry about them. Some of the risks are so rare that the surgeon has never had a problem with some at all.

I know that this is the right thing to do. However because it is such a big operation, and because it is unlike anything I have come across before, I don’t mind admitting that I am to some extent anxious about it. I have had a huge amount of support from family, friends, which has made a massive difference to getting my head around this. Thanks to all of you! I am just looking forward to having this done and out of the way.

Thanks for reading.


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Hello! I'm Tom, and I write on two pages here on wordpress. My first is TomsCrohnsDiary where I share my experience of living life with a condition called Crohn's Disease. I started this page to raise awareness of Crohn's, as well as helping out people who have been diagnosed. My more recent page is all about self sufficiency, sharing ideas that I pick up with my fiancee Sarah. If you have any questions then feel free to message or comment and I will answer! Have a great day people. KBO
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