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Hello dear readers

Busy. That’s the word for our life lately: busy. We’ve spent the last few weeks moving house which I’m sure you can understand is a nightmare. Now, however, things are finally settling down and I’m looking again at my weights…

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I’m back!

Hello dear readers!

I’m back! I do appologise for the huge delay in writing here. Life has been busy, amazing and for the most part healthy. Lots has happened in the last year, from diets to weddings; with all of that going on writing has gone out of the window. Yesterday I posted on my Instagram page – @tomcoppin23 – following the “3 things you might not know about me” posts, raising awareness for Crohns and Colitis UK. Posting this inspired me to dust off this page and write to you guys again.

3 things you might not know about me:1) I can deadlift 145kg; 2) I’m a bassist; 3) I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2000

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Tom and Sarah’s first steps to self sufficiency…?

Hello dear readers

How are we all? I hope a good Christmas was had by everyone. As expected here: a lot of food was consumed, beverages were drunk, sofas were napped in, and most importantly family and friends were seen. The loyalty to my diet wavered at points especially on the 4 hour drive to see my uncle, cousin and grandparents where roadside services are limited in cuisine.  Continue reading

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Happy Christmas! 

Hello dear readers!

Just a quick note to say happy Christmas to you all. I hope you’re all set for the holidays? I’ve had my last day at work (can’t beat an after work bbq in December!) We are now set for a relaxing week and a bit full of seeing family, rest and food. Needless to say it’ll be nigh on impossible to stick to my diet. I just need to keep to it where possible and not stress when I don’t. 

It’s quite funny – on my second day off I feel completely shattered. As always I suspect my body’s been steaming through with everything that’s gone on; work, moving house etc. Now that I have gotten to the holidays my body’s just gone into that state of rest and relax. The sudden absence of energy is its way of getting me to take it easy. 

I wish you all a relaxing holiday whatever out get up too. Thanks for your continuing support, all the best for 2018! 


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Low FODMAP diet

Hello dear readers!

I hope all is well and you are ready for Christmas. As you may have guessed from the title Sarah and I have been checking out the “low FODMAP” diet. This is something that we have been following for a month or so now – as always things have been so busy here I’ve not had a chance to sit down and write. With a bit of spare time and a desire to write I’ve decided to share some more about this diet, what it involves and how it’s made me feel.

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